The company

Synthon Bagó

Synthon-Bagó was born from an agreement between the Dutch company Synthon and the national Bagó to become the first Argentine Pharmaceutical company exclusively focused on treating Multiple Sclerosis.

Present in 47 countries, Bagó features 11 production plants around the World. Building on its research and development, Bagó has produced 85 patents in 15 countries, and it markets over 480 products within 40 therapeutic lines. Synthon is an international company headquartered in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Since 2007, Synthon has grown in the biotechnological field, specializing in autoimmune diseases and oncology. Its products have been approved by over 80 regulatory agencies in the World. Spurred by its success, in 2007, Synthon decided to start researching and developing its own biopharmaceutical products. A few years later, having gained greater scientific experience in this area, it expanded its R&D team to support new investigations on biosimilars, biobetters, and new molecular entities. Nowadays, Synthon is focused on developing biosimilar and innovative products in two key therapeutic areas: autoimmune/neurodegenerative diseases –particularly multiple sclerosis– and oncology. To obtain more information about Synthon biopharmaceutical products, follow this link. Steeped in this culture, Synthon-Bagó’s management draws its knowledge and experience from two immensely successful, leading business groups in the pharmaceutical industry, Synthon Holding and Grupo Bagó.

Our mainstays


Improve life quality of people with Multiple Sclerosis and other low-incidence diseases, through pharmaceutical products and services of the highest quality.


To be the leading laboratory in providing top quality treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and other low incidence diseases, committed to the patient and their life quality.


Synthon-Bagó tiene como principal objetivo asegurar el acceso a los pacientes argentinos a tratamientos que cumplan con los más altos estándares a nivel internacional.

Quality Policy

Synthon-Bagó MS guarantees that every product manufactured, packaged, released, and distributed within the Argentine market complies with the agreed quality standards.

This becomes possible by aligning every manufacturing and distribution system or process with its corresponding Marketing Authorizations and the applicable national and international laws and regulations and by properly implementing and maintaining the Pharmaceutical Quality Management System. The general management of MS Synthon-Bagó proves its commitment by providing ample resources, namely, time, money, facilities, equipment, systems, and labor, for its employees; giving adequate priority to quality features; and assessing the general condition of the supply chain quality system using a dedicated monitoring, evaluation, and revision program.


Synthon-Bago S.A. administrative offices are based in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The company guarantees the quality of its medications with a world-class Quality Control Lab featuring highly trained personnel and state-of-the-art equipment. Product storage and distribution are performed by Disprofarma S.A., which is located inside the lab and is one of the largest pharmaceutical distribution companies in Argentina, owned by Grupo Bagó.