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Respuestas Multiples is a 360-degree Synthon-Bagó program, specially designed for patients with MS. We have built a multidisciplinary team committed to excellence in service.

Take the first step

As soon as you are prescribed a Synthon-Bagó product as your treatment, we would like you to contact our patient program.

Our misión is to provide every patient and their family with personalized information and counseling through an interdisciplinary team of expert professionals specialized in the treatments offered by Synthon-Bagó for the MS community, to ensure patients complete the treatment as intended.

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Program benefits

Schedule an appointment with an expert nurse to obtain one-on-one training.
Receive educational materials and the Synthon-Bagó starter-kit, with information and prompts to help you get started with your treatment.
Obtain expert support to handle paperwork and certificates.
Get answers to your questions on best practices to complete the treatment as intended and to obtain phone assistance and follow-ups.

How do I join the program?

Joining the program
If your doctor prescribed treatment with a Synthon-Bagó medication, you may join the program by completing the form below.

complete the form

Call our free helpline and you will receive advice from a team of dedicated professionals, who will give you information about the program features and explain what you need to do to register with the program.


How to contact us

The Synthon-Bagó Patient Support Program for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment may answer your questions about:
How to administer the medication.
Paperwork and certificates.
Home visits for training.


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